I was picking up a friend of mine the other day and stumbled upon this hidden apartment building with the nicest wooden decorative door. wpid-img_24051-2011-02-4-08-56.jpg I like using these old fashioned wood clamps. wpid-img_24081-2011-02-4-08-56.jpg An altar for someone’s prayer nook. Before and After. wpid-img_24111-2011-02-4-08-56.jpg wpid-img_24131-2011-02-4-08-56.jpgMe staring off into the distance thinking about table measurements…. wpid-381a02071-2011-02-4-08-56.jpg Completely unrelated, but I snapped this pic during the fall, I thought her dress was cute. wpid-img_18091-2011-02-4-08-56.jpg Driving home from Brooklyn to Manhattan on the williamsburg bridge. wpid-img_24171-2011-02-4-08-56.jpgThis was driving home the other night during the snowstorm. wpid-img_23771-2011-02-4-08-56.jpgAnd finally, a farm table with detachable legs we delivered yesterday. wpid-img_24161-2011-02-4-08-56.jpgI love home things. I grew up traveling from one day to the next, so what I place in highest regard are home things. Especially for the dining room. It’s the place where everyone comes together. xoxo