Some pics of Stan and I (Susan) in the workshop. A farm table, and “Rustifying” a table.

The past week has been one of the most hectic of my life, with new orders coming in everyday, the storefront, and trying to find the right people to partner with to expand Rustic Things. But it’s all pretty exciting. There’s nothing more satisfying to me right now, then hearing how much someone likes the piece I made for them. I designed and created an asian inspired table for an event Van Wyck and Van Wyck were having.

Asian inspired Rustic Table
Working in the workshop. wpid-img_230512-2011-01-19-10-32.jpg
Stan Painting
Van Wyck sent us the color they wanted their tables to be. It was this beautiful mermaid blue/green. You can’t really see the exact color in the pictures, but I fell in love with the farm table I made for them. I whitewashed the tops with that beautiful color paint, and it came out weirdly iridescent, which made it look like a mermaid. The top was made out of thick 2×8’s of water tower wood. So beautiful. wpid-img_23171-2011-01-19-10-32.jpg I also made a farm table for someone with a 1×4 apron (the upper piece on the side) for longer legs, instead of the usual 1×6, and no bottom stretcher.
Copper Farm Table
I finished it with a slightly copper/walnut/semi gloss finish, and I think it looks lovely. I also met with a lovely couple from Williamsburg who ordered a Farm Table. Yaay. Their gonna love it when it’s finished. I’m going to meet with the owner of the storefront today. Wish me luck. Meanwhile, I gotta get back to work!
Sanding the underside of a table.