Did you guys see the single “Eat Dirt” in this compilation?

wpid-wpid-9867688_now41_240-2012-02-10-19-33-2012-02-10-19-33.jpgNice right?

So I was thinking about how growing up traveling all over the world affected my frame of mind, and it came to me that, I saw so much diversity from such a young age, that I really have a different way of viewing creeds, nationalities, races, etc. The lines are blurred. What affects me when making decisions is more about how I feel about a person or place or thing, rather than anything else. I have amazing friends who are so sweet.

My friend @lynnverlayne just adopted a cat. Check him out. He can play with her dog she already has. ☺


And my friend Daria made this piece.


She makes such cute pieces. I’ll post her website when it’s finished.

The show at Sidewalk was so much fun! Thanks to everyone who came!