susan justice/eat dirt ‘can’t miss pop gem” cd review by john emms

susan justice/eat dirt ‘can’t miss pop gem” cd review by john emms

Susan Justice’s debut album Eat Dirt gets to you on the first listen but more importantly gets under your skin on repeated listens.

What you hear is what you get. With Justice it’s vulnerabilty, honesty and the abilty to make you feel what she is singing.

That may sound easy but many producers don’t understand this and surround vocalists with too much technology and what I like to call “extra shite”.

Justice does not need it. And in the hands of super star producer Toby Gad she gets real close and personal.

There is a joy of discovery to this recording that gets to the listener. Maybe it comes from Justice performing in subways or getting inspired by artists like Tracy Chapman.

Either way you feel it.

The real trick for Justice will be the ability to pull off gorgeous songs such as Company, the title track, I Wonder, and Paper Planes in a live situation.

That always seems the spoiler, when you see a young performer you want to hear them them with a cool little band. Some acoustic guitars, a piano etc.

What you sometimes get, is a ton of backing tracks and auto-tune.

Elsewhere, on songs like the uptempo Alive, and the killer pop of You Were Meant to Sing Justice gets reflective with integrity.

What more do you want from a pop debut?

Justice comes off as the real thing. And her debut is a can’t miss pop gem.

JOHN EMMS is veteran music journalist, online rock/roots radio host roots songwriter and has fun with a blues combo