le Poisson Rouge masquerade show, and then CV Lounge After Party

What are you doing to kick off the Halloween weekend?

This Thursday, October 28th (yes, two days from now!) is my BIGGEST show yet. It’s my big showcase and it’s going to have a great influence on the release of my album on Warner Bros!

We’ve taken some time to put a coinciding party together and I would love you to come celebrate this one-time occasion. It’s called the ‘Forbidden Fruits Masquerade Ball’ and it features myself along with my crew Michael Russinik and his band the Carnival RoYale, performing our music, as well as a belly dancer, Halloween havoc, a body painter, and just a tad more revelry! Below, you can find the flyer attached. A lot of important people to me are coming out and you have to be one of them!

Put on something crazy, bring some friends, and let’s have a ball! Thanks for supporting me for so long!
Tickets are $12 but free drinks at CV lounge at midnight at the after party on me.

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New Cover song?

Which song do you guys want me to cover? Email me at asksusanjustice@gmail.com.
I’m sitting here in the studio waiting to go in and sing to this sick track I wrote with @lynnverlane. Things have been hectic in a good way lately prepping for my show on the 28th of October, 2010 at Le Poisson Rouge on Bleecker street. If you haven’t gotten tickets yet, be sure to email me. It’s going to be a great show.
I’ve been getting emails and questions about my album, people wondering
when it’s coming out. I love this album with my whole heart, and I tell you
it’ll be out soon. Hopefully before the year is through. I love my label, and
I love the people I’m working with, and we’re all working very hard to get it
out to you. Meanwhile, keep your emails coming.