Lost and can never get back…


When I was 12 years old, (don’t laugh) I had a special big red pencil case wherein which I would keep all my treasures; which included my super ball collection. I had so many different super balls which I had collected on various grocery store trips with my mom.

There were different sizes, patterns, and colors, including my prized super ball which was this fabulous oversized gigantic one with lights that would go off when you bounced it.

We were living in Miami at the time, at a hotel called the Driftwood in North Miami Beach, On Collins Avenue. There was a hurricane warning so mom and dad decided we would drive up to South Carolina, where my dad’s from, and wait it out.

As we were packing a feeling of dread came over me as I searched and searched but couldn’t find my beloved pencil case anywhere! I looked for it till the last minute; under the beds, in the kitchen cabinets, everywhere, but it was nowhere to be found. We finished loading the van and had to leave, and my heart sank as we drove away to SC.

To this day I have no idea what happened to it. I forgot about it for a long time, and only recently thought about it again. I think that deep down inside, I’m still looking for it.

That would explain a lot about me. 🙂

What’s something you lost that you wish you could get back?

5 am missive

It’s starting to get light outside, there’s mist in the air. I just had to write this little note to everyone who saw me play at Lilith. To people who love music and going to see live music, thank you…thanks for a great experience. I’m a lucky girl to be able to share my music with you. Please keep in touch and send me messages. I love hearing from you.


I’m going to try to get some sleep now. I have to wake up at 6am.

Lilith Fair

I’m sitting in the lobby of my hotel. I was going to shoot a video blog, but the lighting is horrible, so I’ll settle on writing a blog instead. I performed at Lilith Fair in San Francisco today. What fun! The audience was so gracious. After the show I did a press conference. I sat next to the Wilsons from Heart. It felt good. Lilith is a great venue just because of the nature of the festival. All women. It was interesting hearing Sarah Mclaughlin during the press conference talk about women in music back in the day when she first started the festival. How you barely even heard women back to back on the radio, amongst other things. One thing I noticed is that besides the Wilson sisters in heart, there really wasn’t any female band members in any of the bands except for mine.

Have you ever read a good book, or heard an amazing song, and wish you wrote it? I wish I wrote Wonderwall. It hurts to listen to it.

So I’m wearing these fish pants/pj’s that I borrowed from my best friend Lesley a few weeks ago. They’re not really “fish pants”, they’re more like pants with fish on them. We were staying at her mom’s place in the hamptons, and I borrowed them and haven’t given them back yet. Meanwhile, they are so comfy and cute, and I wear them all the time. So I’m sitting in the lobby of my hotel and this woman passes by me, sort of eyeing me, then she came back around and commented on how much she liked them. lol. She said her daughter would like them. They are really cute. I really have to give them back. I’m so bad.

It’s half past midnight my time, NY time, but here in San Fran it’s 9:30. I’m not really tired though. It’s probably going to be awhile until I’m tired enough to sleep. I can’t believe my next Lilith gig is the day after tomorrow. I’m psyched and ready to play now. Like ASAP. Tomorrow at least! Well, I’ll be in LA tomorrow, so at least I can show my sister around. I’ve been raving about LA for the longest. We have the whole day off. Staying in downtown San Francisco yesterday and last night was fun. We went out for lunch, and sort of browsed around. We stayed at the hotel for dinner, in spite of my grandiose plans to go to The Wharf and watch the fireworks etc. There was a Tarot card reader in the lobby, I went over and got a reading, was fun. We ended up chatting for the longest time.

I am really feeling Eminem’s new stuff. I”m listening to “Love the way you Lie” with Rihanna. I like it. Nice. “One Day” came on. Wow I like it. It’s from Matisyahu.

My battery is dying, so I’ll go ahead and post this. Maybe I’ll post more later.

All in all, twas a great day. Everyone rocked. Life is good. Love you guys!